Multi-days Snowmobiles

Saami holidays
3 days
Saami holidays - 3 days

 An ethnographic program on a snowmobile. Take a break from hassles in virgin nature surroundings.

345 km, Medium , 16+
The Sparkle of Hibiny
2 days
The Sparkle of Hibiny - 2 days

Not avalable!
This is a comfortable trip to the very heart of the Hibiny mountain in a special enclosed sleigh. You will see the rugged beauty of Arctic mountains, snow-covered forest surrounded by the hills, ice-bound lakes, and never-freezing rivers.

120 km, Easy , 8+

Cost : 17 000 roubles

Khibiny  White Sea
6 days
Khibiny White Sea - 6 days

Not avalable!

It won a prize in the regional government competition for the Best tourist route!

about 600 km, Medium , 18+
Kola Planet
5 days
Kola Planet - 5 days

Not available!
An exciting route through the most remote and beautiful places in the Kola Peninsula.

about 700 km, Hard , 18+
Polar night magic
2 days
Polar night magic - 2 days

Not available!
A captivating two-day snowmobile tour in the middle of the the polar night, when the Sun would not rise above the horizon for over two months.

120 km, Easy , 8+