About Our Company

About Our Company
The Kola Expeditions Co. was recognized the best tour operator of the Murmansk region for years 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014 and 2016.
for 28 years
we reveal beauty and wild nature of Kola Peninsula
37 000
Arranged trips for people
30 types
of touristic activities have tried on our own
We personally visited countries
Our focus is organizing trips around the Kola Peninsula.

Our team

Sergey Konyayev
is a source of inspiration, a leader, an author/developer of routes, and a guide/instructor.

He graduated from the Geography Faculty of the M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University, and participated in many scientific expeditions and trips to various regions of the former USSR. He climbed mountains over 7000m high twice and did several long autonomous trips through Kamchatka. He has been organizing tourist trips since 1994, and snowmobile tours in the Kola Peninsula since 1999. He has extensive experience working with both Russian and foreign tourists, and children’s groups. Interests: snowmobiles, fishing, travel, photography, and mountain climbing.

Natalia Chalaya
is the director of Kola Expeditions LLC, administrator, and coordinator.

She has been living in the Kola Peninsula for most of her life. Natalia graduated from the History Faculty of the Petrozavodsk State University. She has been working with foreign and Russian travelers since 1992 organizing off-road, adventure, and mineralogical trips. In 1996 she became the first woman to participate in Russia’s first Trophy-marathon “Arctic Trophy”. In 1997-2001 she became a member of the panel of judges of the Arctic Trophy (on the “racing bus”). From 2003 she has been organizing the Lapland 4x4 Enduro tourist expeditions. Interests: history of the region, cuisines of all peoples and times, travel, and navigation. 

Marina Vikulina
is the program coordinator, administrator, advertising and SEO manager, and instructor/guide.

Marina graduated from the Geography Faculty of the M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University and the International Academy of Entrepreneurship, is a Candidate of Geographic Sciences, an expert in snow avalanches, volcanic landscapes, and GIS mapping. She participated in numerous scientific expeditions and trips in various regions of the former USSR. She climbed two peaks over 7000m high and did several long autonomous trips through Kamchatka. Marina took part in Russia’s First Open Cup in Ski Mountain Climbing (as a member of the only women’s team). She has been organizing tours since 1994, and has experience working with both Russian and foreign travelers as well as extensive experience with children. Marina has been organizing snowmobile tours in the Kola Peninsula, together with Sergey Konyayev, since 1999. Interests: organizing trips and expeditions, active recreation (Telemark skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, mountain climbing, rock climbing, tourism), and dancing. 

Konstantin Kushnir
is our inspiration and the leader of summer off-road programs, instructor/guide, and trip author/developer.

Konstantin has been living on the Kola Peninsula all his life. Graduated from the Foreign Languages (French, English) Faculty of the Karelian State Pedagogical University. For 10 years he had participated in moto-cross races, received 1st degree in the sport, and acted as a moto-cross coach for five years. From 1992 he has been working with foreign and Russian travelers organizing off-road, adventure, and mineralogical trips as well as photo-safari. In 1994 Konstantin won, and in 1996 received a prize of the Russia’s first Trophy-Marathon “Arctic Trophy” in the Motorcycle class. Since 1995 he has been acting as a member of the route qualifying commission of the Tourism and Sports Union of Russia. In 1997-2001 he was a member of the Organizing Committee of the Trophy Marathon “Arctic Trophy”. Since 2003 he has been organizing the “Lapland” 4x4 and enduro expeditions. Since 2004 he is the head of the project “Off-road Arctic School”. Interests: snowmobiles, enduro, 4x4 tourism, and the history of the region.

In the winter, from November to May, we offer:
  • snowmobile expeditions of various lengths and levels of complexity
  • ethnographic programs
  • skiing trips
  • ice fishing
In the summer, from June to October, we offer:
  • jeep and ATV off-road trips
  • mountain walking tours of various degree of complexity
  • cycling tours
  • ethnographic trips
  • sports trophy fishing at remote lakes
We also organize photo tours and corporate programs.
photo tours corporate programs

What sets Kola Expeditions apart from other companies:

We are experienced travelers ourselves, with education in geography, and we have numerous autonomous trips and expeditions behind us.
Over 20 years of practical expedition experience, with practice in Scandinavian and other countries, is applied to organizing our trips.
In the snowmobile and jeep safari in the Kola Peninsula we are one of the first, which is proven by a variety of author programs.
False modesty aside, one may say we possess unique information about the Kola Peninsula. This information came in small pieces from books, science articles in a variety of fields, talks with war veterans and participants of search parties in the old battlefields, field contacts with numerous scientific research expeditions, viewing photo and video materials, and much more, with every new expedition season bringing in new information and allowing us to offers new trips to beautiful places.
Whole families visit us, with elderly parents and children starting from the age of five, honeymooners participate in our tours, and people come here to celebrate their family anniversaries. Strangers before the start, people make friendships that last years after completing a serious trip with us.
Quality organization, routes fine-tuned in the course of many years, professional equipment and individual approach to each client, our attention to the weather and avalanche situation in the mountains, and availability of extensive travel information for our trips are always highly evaluated.
Many people and teams come back 5-6 times. We continue discovering the Kola Peninsula for ourselves and want to share with you our knowledge of this unique area.
We have our own vehicles and equipment:
  • four-stroke touring snowmobiles Lynx 49 Ranger made by BRP, Canada
  • off-road bus on the GAZ-66 chassis
  • customized UAZ jeeps
  • ATVs
  • bicycles
  • cross-country skis
  • avalanche equipment
  • French TSL snowshoes
  • a full set of snowmobile clothing