Recommended equipment

Dear Friends! During over 10 years of organizing snowmobile expeditions we have put together the list of things to take on a trip. The items in the list below can be replaced by equipment of similar qualities.

Instructions for snowmobile expeditions (PDF, 24 kB)

CLOTHES for a snowmobile expedition

  • T-shirts, underwear, cotton socks
  • Thermal underwear from thin Polartec (photo 1)
  • Training pants from thick Polartec (fleece), a thick fleece sweater (photo 2, preferably with a neck, or a hoody and thick sweater (photo 2)
  • Down sweater (thin one-layer) for under the overalls (photo 3) OR a standard down jacket on top of the overalls in case of extreme cold. One may use a downhill ski jacket or overalls 
  • Training pants to wear in the guesthouse
  • Thick woolen socks, 2 pairs, and one pair of thick thermal socks (photo 1)
  • Downhill skiing gloves + fleece gloves
  • A downhill skiing hat, and a balaclava if available; if not we’ll provide one for you.
  • A warm scarf and, if available, a wind mask for the face. Balaclavas available from the organizers protect the face well but we recommend additional protectionó.
  • Down-stuffed climbing shoes are highly recommended (photo 2,3), rubber slippers for the bathhouse, a bath towel (these are provided in nearly all guesthouses but it is better to have your own).
  • If you know that at you the waist freezes, then take with yourself something warming like a scarf
  • A personal hygiene kit (brush, toothpaste, etc.)
  • Face cream for cold.
  • A personal first-aid kit (if you need special medication)
  • alpine skiing mask  
  • Sunglasses 
  • Small (up to 30 l) a backpack for personal belongings
  • Participants of our tours recommend to take the small thermoses for tea, happens that someone lacks drink on a route.
  • Chocolates, nutlets, sweets for having a snack

Things are to be packed in a bag or a knapsack no larger than 60 liters(photo 3). No suitcases!

We provide:

  • Thick fabric overalls with a one-layer sintepon underlining
  • Two balaclavas – thin and thick
  • a helmet with a double-layer glass visor
  • snowmobile boots with felt linings,
  • fur-lined mittens for extreme cold.

ATTENTION!!! If you have poor eyesight. One cannot wear glasses during the trip because they instantly fog and get covered with ice. Use contact lenses or special downhill corrective skiing glasses. The organizers are not able to provide this type of equipment for you. 

Photo 1. Polartec underware. Thermal socks.

Polartec underware. Thermal socks

Photo 2. Thick Polartec (fleece) pants, thick Polartec (fleece) jacket. Down-filled climbing shoes.

Thick Polartec (fleece) pants, thick Polartec (fleece) jacket.

Photo 3. Down sweater (thin one-layer down jacket). A bag no more than 60 liters. Down climbing shoes.

Down sweater (thin one-layer down jacket). A bag. Down climbing shoes

Instructions for snowmobile expeditions (PDF, 24 kB)


The Kuelporr Guesthouse is in the north of the Khibiny in the picturesque Kuniyok River valley. One can snowmobile or ski there in the winter.

The Kuelporr Guesthouse is a modern one-story building with a loft, and a large hall with a fireplace. The guesthouse has electricity and running hot water. Double rooms with private facilities (shower, toilet, cloth dryer). There also are 6-bed rooms with shared facilities. The guesthouse is within mobile phone coverage. Internet is available for an additional fee. 

Our guests describe the Kuelporr Guesthouse as a very atmospheric place.