Our Guest Houses


The Krasnoshelye guesthouse is on the edge of the village and is surrounded by pine forest.

Accommodation is three persons per room. Warm, clean, and cozy. Common living room with a TV. Excellent local cuisine: moose, vendace, cloudberries, whitefish. Many of our guests said that they had never before tried anything that delicious!

In the daytime an outhouse is used while there are indoor facilities for the night. Washing basin is in the house. A large local design sauna combines the steam and washing section.


The Kuelporr Guesthouse is in the north of the Khibiny in the picturesque Kuniyok River valley. One can snowmobile or ski there in the winter.

The Kuelporr Guesthouse is a modern one-story building with a loft, and a large hall with a fireplace. The guesthouse has electricity and running hot water. Double rooms with private facilities (shower, toilet, cloth dryer). There also are 6-bed rooms with shared facilities. The guesthouse is within mobile phone coverage. Internet is available for an additional fee. 

Our guests describe the Kuelporr Guesthouse as a very atmospheric place. 


This guesthouse has been specially equipped to receive “city” guests by the employees of Tundra reindeer-breeding coop. It is a separate house with a large entrance hall. Inside there is one large room with double-deck beds, new mattresses, and linen. The house has been build with quality in mind and has a “soul”. In the evenings there is generator-supplied electricity. It is warm, clean, and very cozy. There is a new clean toilet outside, and a sauna.

It is 80km to the nearest village by snowmobile or helicopter. There is no mobile phone coverage. 


The Rynda Guest House is a base camp for flyfishing. It is not far from the mouth of River Rynda that falls into the Barents Sea. There is a family permanently living at the base. Guests stay in 2-3 person rooms. The unheated toilet is in a separate building. A good hot sauna, delicious meals. No mobile phone coverage. The distance to the nearest village, accessed by by snowmobile or helicopter, is 50km.


The guesthouse in Strelna is very small. It is, in fact, the only inhabitable house in the village. The inconvenience of staying there will be more than compensated by welcoming hosts. You’ll use sleeping bags at night. The dinner will consist of Pomor dishes: salmon of all kinds, mushrooms, jams. Mobile phones do not work in Strelna. 


The Varzuga Guesthouse. A small wooden wing of the main house. 2-3 persons per room. Unheated toilet outside and a warm one at the owners’ house. Very delicious Pomor food: salmon and pickled vegetables. There is a hot sauna. The house is on a small hill overlooking the village, and one can see the Varzuga River and famous Varzuga churches.

Yulinskaya Salma

Yulinskaya Salma Guesthouse, a comfortable house with all the conveniences, 2-3 persons per room, shared facilities on the same floor. The guesthouse is cozy in a home-like way, good homemade meals, cheerful personnel, a great bathhouse. It is within the reach of mobile operators (Megafon and MTS).