Start Points of the Tours

Kirovsk, the Snowmobile Center

The Kola Expeditions Snowmobile Center is located in the outskirts of Kirovsk next door to the Snow Village, behind the Tirvas sanatorium (the Botanical Gardens District, 25th kilometer).

It is easiest to get there by taxi. Follow the diagram.

Схема проезда к офису Кольских экспедиций в Кировске

Our telephone number: +7 (921) 514-75-55


Kirovsk is located 25 km from the railway station and the airport Apatity and 200 km from the railway station and the airport of Murmansk.

Participants multi-day tours we meet at the railway station or airport of the city of Apatity. It is also possible to meet participants at the airport of Murmansk.

City of Kandalaksha

City Kandalaksha is located 250 km from Murmansk. You can get the train to the station Kandalaksha or plane to the city of Apatity and Murmansk.