We offer the services of a professional guide to groups using their own equipment. You can order a guide for one or several days.

Mountain guide for one day

When availing a guide for a one-day trip we supply all trip participants with avalanche equipment (probes, avalanche transceivers, shovels) as well as provide instructions and safety training. Usually one-day trip plans are discussed with guests in advance, and they can be changed in the process if guests wish. Either overview tours with visiting hard-to-access lookout points, or routes with a sports or extreme component can be arranged. Professional photography and filming can also be ordered. If needed our guides will demonstrate how to ride the snowmobile effectively and beautifully, and help you practicing in a safe place.

The main value of hiring a guide is that the guide is aware of the current snow situation, able to assess slopes from the avalanche safety point of view, and has in-depth knowledge of the area, which will allow you to enjoy a bright, safe, and saturated weekend. See videos and photos from our trips here.

The daily cost of the guide is 12 thousand rubles for the group (of no more than 8 persons).

  • The cost of the photo session is 7 th. rubles per day
  • Participation of a video operator in the trip is 20 th. rubles per day. This includes editing and making a video. See examples here.

Multi-day expeditions

Multi-day expeditions using our guests’ equipment are done in a way similar to our standard expeditions, or we may follow different routes, with accommodation in guest houses. In addition to acting as your guides we will reserve accommodation along the route, arrange the delivery of fuel, and, if the expedition ends in a place different from where it started (eg. in Tumanny or Varzuga) we’ll organize the transfer of participants and the delivery of their equipment.

  • The cost of the guide is 5 th. rubles per person [per day???], plus accommodation and fuel. On average participation in an expedition will be 8.5-9 th. rubles per person per day.