Kola Planet

5 hours
about 750 km, Hard, 18+

An exciting route through the most remote and beautiful places in the Kola Peninsula.

Duration: 5 hours

Complexity: Hard

Age restrictions: 18+

Route length: about 750 km

Finish point: Kirovsk, the Snowmobile Center

An exciting route through the most remote and beautiful places in the Kola Peninsula.

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An exciting route through the most remote and beautiful places in the Kola Peninsula. A unique offer!

The route:
Varzuga Strelna Chalmny-Varreh Krasnoshelye Lovozero - Kirovsk

People in group: from 8
Age limitations: from 18

During this expedition youll see the life of old Pomor villages of the Ter coast of the White Sea, catch your biggest-ever perch, and climb the working Nikodimsky lighthouse made of wood, located at the southern-most point of the Kola Peninsula. The way through snow-covered dunes along the White Sea ice-drifts will stay in your memory forever, while traveling from Strelna to Krasnoshelye, during which youll have to cover over 200km of virgin snow, will be a serious test of your stamina. After getting you acquainted with the unique village of Krasnoshelye, the route will pass by the mountain massif of Lovozero tundras, and youll be able to visit the famous Seidozero Lake. At the end of the route a captivating drive over Khibiny passes awaits you.

Points of interest along the route: seeing the life of indigenous people of the Kola Peninsula the Pomors, Komi, and Sami; visiting places untouched by civilization; a chance to see aurora borealis; to test your strength, to become an expert in operating the snowmobile, and lots more.

Cost per person, in roubles: 89 000 roubles

The cost includes

the transfer from the Apatity train station to Kirovsk and back, meals, accommodation, sauna, reindeer rides, and the rental of Lynx snowmobiles with equipment.

5% discount for our repeat guests

All the tour participants will receive souvenirs and memorable diplomas from the Mountain School of Snowmobile Riding.



The Krasnoshelye guesthouse is on the edge of the village and is surrounded by pine forest. Accommodation is three persons per room. Warm, clean, and cozy. Common living room with a TV. Excellent local cuisine: moose, vendace, cloudberries, whitefish. Many of our guests said that they had never before tried anything that delicious! In the daytime an outhouse is used while there are indoor facilities for the night. Washing basin is in the house. A large local design sauna combines the steam and washing section.


The guesthouse in Strelna is very small. It is, in fact, the only inhabitable house in the village. The inconvenience of staying there will be more than compensated by welcoming hosts. Youll use sleeping bags at night. The dinner will consist of Pomor dishes: salmon of all kinds, mushrooms, jams. Mobile phones do not work in Strelna.

Yulinskaya Salma

Yulinskaya Salma Guesthouse, a comfortable house with all the conveniences, 2-3 persons per room, shared facilities on the same floor. The guesthouse is cozy in a home-like way, good homemade meals, cheerful personnel, a great bathhouse. It is within the reach of mobile operators (Megafon and MTS).

How to get

Dear Friends! During over 10 years of organizing snowmobile expeditions we have put together the list of things to take on a trip. The items in the list below can be replaced by equipment of similar qualities.

CLOTHES for a snowmobile expedition (PDF, 107 )

CLOTHES for a snowmobile expedition

  • T-shirts, underwear, cotton socks
  • Thermal underwear from thin Polartec (foto1)
  • Training pants from thick Polartec (fleece), a thick fleece sweater photo 2, preferably with a neck, or a hoody and thick sweater (foto2)
  • Down sweater (thin one-layer) for under the overalls (photo 3) OR a standard down jacket on top of the overalls in case of extreme cold. One may use a downhill ski jacket or overalls
  • Training pants to wear in the guesthouse
  • Thick woolen socks, 2 pairs, and one pair of thick thermal socks (foto1)
  • Downhill skiing gloves + fleece gloves
  • A downhill skiing hat, and a balaclava if available; if not well provide one for you.
  • A warm scarf and, if available, a wind mask for the face. Balaclavas available from the organizers protect the face well but we recommend additional protection.
  • Down-stuffed climbing shoes are highly recommended (photo 2,3), rubber slippers for the bathhouse, a bath towel (these are provided in nearly all guesthouses but it is better to have your own).
  • A personal hygiene kit (brush, toothpaste, etc.)
  • Face cream for cold.
  • A personal first-aid kit (if you need special medication)

Things are to be packed in a bag or a knapsack no larger than 60 liters(photo 3). No suitcases!

We provide:

  • Thick fabric overalls with a one-layer sintepon underlining
  • Two balaclavas thin and thick
  • a helmet with a double-layer glass visor
  • snowmobile boots with felt linings,
  • fur-lined mittens for extreme cold.

ATTENTION!!! If you have poor eyesight. One cannot wear glasses during the trip because they instantly fog and get covered with ice. Use contact lenses or special downhill corrective skiing glasses. The organizers are not able to provide this type of equipment for you.

Photo 1. Polartec underware. Thermal socks

Polartec underware. Thermal socks

Photo 2. Thick Polartec (fleece) pants, thick Polartec (fleece) jacket. Down-filled climbing shoes.

Thick Polartec (fleece) pants, thick Polartec (fleece) jacket. Down-filled climbing shoes.

Photo 3. Down sweater (thin one-layer down jacket). A bag no more than 60 liters. Down climbing shoes.

Down sweater (thin one-layer down jacket). A bag no more than 60 liters. Down climbing shoes.

To book a tour call +7 (921) 514-75-55
The terms of participation

Snowmobile tour, safari, and expedition conditions

While getting ready for our trip you need to keep the following in mind:

Our company holds its snowmobile tours in the Kola Peninsula, above the Arctic Circle. Our region has a climate very different from mid-Russian or even Karelian one. Here weather changes quickly and tend to be extreme. There is a high probability of significant changes in temperature, such as a drop from zero to -30C [in a few hours], strong winds, or blizzards. Please take the weather factor into consideration when preparing for the trip. Read our What to take with you instructions carefully.

Our additional comments on the routes are related to weather:

  1. Most of the route is over virgin snow, which may be difficult to novices.
  2. Only one person per snowmobile, for safety reasons. Many travel companies are less than fully sincere when they sell tours with two persons per snowmobile. The difference in price is usually low but significant in terms comfort and safety. Riding a snowmobile with a passenger is not an easy task even for an experienced operator because the passengers weight reduces the snowmobiles manageability by the factor of two, and with a novice in the drivers seat the situation gets downright dangerous. Also it is cold and boring to be a passenger.
  3. If weather conditions are extreme the Guide has the right to change the route, or to hold back the departure. This rule is intended for your safety.
  4. If the group is held on the route because of weather conditions we are not responsible for missed flights or trains (this has not yet happened but the chance was always there).

Conditions concerning the use of equipment and discipline on the route.

  1. One cannot insure a snowmobile in our country, which makes guests fully responsible for the vehicle, clothes, and equipment rented. We sign a formal snowmobile and equipment rental agreement with each guest. Based on our many years of experience we can say that accidents on the route occur only from breaking safety rules, eg. by not maintaining proper following distance or riding, without permission, over virgin ice that hides obstacles.
  2. If the Guest misbehaves or breaks safety rules during the trip the Guide will issue one warning. If the Guest continues breaking the rules the Guide has the right to take the Guest off the route without any compensation to the guest. We introduced this rule only for your safety and the success of our expeditions.
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